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From "Gonzalo Diethelm" <>
Subject Velocity under non-Java environments
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 18:52:38 GMT

The company I work for develops web apps using several different
languages, such as Java, PHP and Perl (and supports old CGI-based
apps, incidentally!). I am totally sold on the templating language
idea implemented in Velocity, and have been looking for an embodiment
of this idea in the other programming environments, specifically
with Perl and PHP. I found Smarty for PHP, but I really find it
difficult after the simplicity of Velocity.

This got me thinking: both PHP and Perl support (to a certain extent)
an object model; how hard would it be to come up with Velocity versions
that work with PHP and Perl?

I even envision a grandiose future where a given VM template can be used
UNCHANGED on a Java, Perl or PHP environment! Now that would be cool!
You would need to abstract somehow the way Velocity templates interact
with the underlying object system, but at least in theory it look doable.

How hard would this be? Is this even one of the stated Velocity goals?
Any comments are welcome.

Gonzalo A. Diethelm

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