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From "Gonzalo Diethelm" <>
Subject RE: Velocity under non-Java environments
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 20:01:31 GMT
> > how hard would it be to come up with
> > Velocity versions that work with PHP and Perl?
> Heh heh... if you could find a chap as fast as Geir, I'm sure they could
> have something in the sandbox near end of the week. ;-)

Geir? Do you have time to talk about this? Can I provide any help?

> ...but if I were trying to this in Perl (which would be cool, albeit
> there are a bunch of good templating solutions available) I'd imagine
> starting here would be a good idea:

This is not what I have in mind. I would like to see THE EXACT SAME
Velocity language we have today, with #if, #for, etc., but with the
ability to parse things like

#if ($session.getStatus() == "A")

and call the appropriate underlying object represented by $session,
whether it is a Perl, PHP, Java or Python object. To do this, it is
not necessary to reimplement Velocity in a different language.

A different project, that maybe interesting in itself, would be to
port the Velocity parser/interpreter/engine to another language, maybe
C (for portability).

> Say - how are things going for the brave chap that's porting Velocity to
> C#?

I guess this falls under the second initiative I mentioned.

> Cheers,
> Tim


Gonzalo A. Diethelm

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