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From Marc Logemann <>
Subject RE: is there a controller servlet?
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 15:15:47 GMT
> Marc-

> It appears that you wish to use Velocity in a Web Publishing environment,
> using Model/View/Controller architecture.

yes, we all want MVC these days :)

> Velocity is a great template engine, and has been intentionally limited to
> that focus. There are other projects that have done all the work of
> integrating Velocity into a Web Application framework using the MVC
> architecture: JPublish, Struts, Turbine, WebWork, Maverick.

Of course i know most of your mentioned frameworks, especially Struts and
webwork. But in my current project, i didnt used such a thing cause of some
reasons which are not in a technical scope.

> I don't know your design goals, but one of these other projects may keep
> you
> from reinventing the wheel. I'm currently studying JPublish and am quite
> impressed with it. It provodes the controller you need, with good
> separation
> of content and view, and the ability to use JPython or JavaScript (or
> others) to script your Java objects allows you to write logic without
> having
> to recompile Servlets. It uses Velocity to generates its views.

I really only wanted to show a template based on the URL without coding
the servlet. And because i know that there must be something in this space,
cause struts must use the same thing i asked, cause i couldnt find it in the
archives, but now i know its in the tool subproject :)

But thanks anyway for your listing.

greetings from
Marc Logemann
Homebase @

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