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From Bill Burton <>
Subject Re: Quick Question.
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 20:10:33 GMT
Hello, wrote:
> "Geir Magnusson Jr." <> wrote:
> >On 9/6/02 12:39 PM, "Carsten Burstedde" <> wrote:
> >> That's true - my processed HTML pages have dozens of empty lines in
> >> front of the beginning <html>. Why not omit all whitespace output on a
> >> line and the newline if it contains only a directive and no html?
> >
> >What if you want whitespace?
> If you want the whitespace, you could put it on the previous or
> following line.  I can't think of a case where you would need to put
> the desired whitespace on the same line as a directive.

With some formats like RTF, whitespace does matter.  It can also matter
for code generation.  For instance, Torque
( uses Velocity to
generate SQL particular to a database vendor's syntax.

Otherwise I would agree that any line containing only a directive with no
schmoo should be deleted.  The problem is how to do this in a way that's
backwards compatible or provides the option of being backwards compatible
without creating a maintenance problem with the parser.


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