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From Marc Logemann <>
Subject Re: Velocity config + special characters...
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:58:23 GMT

> 1. In my tomcat log I have the line " Velocity   [info] Default Properties
> File: org\apache\velocity\runtime\defaults\".  Does
> this
> mean that my properties file is not being read and instead a default is
> being used?

no, it means that it found the default, but it can also be that he found the
user specified. Look at a line like this:

Thu Sep 12 15:08:21 CEST 2002   [info] FileResourceLoader : adding path 'C:\development\java\Tomcat\webapps\mbapp\WEB-INF\templates'

I assume that you also defined a template path in your properties file, if yes, your path
be in the log like mentioned.

> 2. When displaying various currencies, there is no problem in displaying
> the
> "$" and the "£" sign.  However I can´t get it to display the "€"
> (Euro)
> sign.  It comes up with a question mark instead.  I´m using the
> NumberFormat
> class to get the formatted value:

I think this is an character encoding issue, when you use latin1 encoding with velocity
and just write the EURO sign in your template, it cant be displayed. Its the same with
german umlaute.

Save your template with UTF instead and tell velocity to use a UTF encoding, this way all
the characters you enter in the template should display correctly.

greetings from
Marc Logemann
Homebase @

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