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Subject documentation for Velocity template creators/updators
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 16:20:35 GMT

Someone wrote:
> > One problem with Velocity is documentation. Of course you 
> > can generate JavaDocs out of your business logic classes. 
> > But how can  you tell a Web Designer, which objects are 
> > available where (in which  context). 

Someone else replied:
> This a very good point and is 100% consistent with my own 
> experience. The difficulty to communicate the content of the 
> Velocity context among software developers and designers is 
> the biggest practical difficulty in using Velocity, IMHO.

I have the following idea to help solve this problem, but I
don't have time to implement it right now.  Sorry :-(

The JavaDocs system is highly configurable.  You can create
doclets which have specialized tags, and custom HTML generation
based on those tags.  My suggestion is to create a doclet
specialized to creating documentation for web designers using
Velocity.  For example, if you have something like this:
    velocityContext.put("myFoo", new Foo()) ;
In, you would have new tags, maybe like this:
    @velocityConextVarible myFoo
    @velocityInfo This object is used for ....
and then the methods visible to Velocity (such as getName) would
have tags too, also focused on web designers.  The Java code which
created the HTML documentation would print this stuff under name,
not getName, because that is how a web designer would use it.

If you work on this, please tell me, so we don't duplicate work.
I might work on it in the future, if I get time.


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