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From bob mcwhirter <>
Subject Re: DVSL using Jaxen
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 03:42:29 GMT
> * (from my own observations) Jaxen 1.0 is near release, but for an
>    unconstrained DVSL we need the GenericXPath (using introspection
>    to locate the proper OM: DOM, dom4j, JDOM, and/or EXML) and possibly
>    a JavaBeanNavigator extending its applicabilty onto beans.

1.0-final of Jaxen was released in May, I think, so it could be
included in the JSTL, if I have my facts correct.

Having a GenericNavigatorr of a NavigatorLocator or something so that
client code doesn't have to care about the document-model at all has
been bounced around the list and has lots of support within the jaxen
community.  So far, though, no-one has sent me a patch. :)

>    Bob, please note that JXPath supports DOM, JavaBeans, Lists and Maps
>    as well as DynaBeans (configurable BeanInfo). Also jakarta-commons is
>    creating an introspection package that can be reused for this.

Yah, jaxen hasn't really ventured outside of the XML document models at
all yet.   Shouldn't be too hard, but hasn't happened yet.

> Should we upgrade DVSL with JXPath or or alternatively complete Jaxen and
> then use it?

My vote it to write the NavigatorFinder or whatnot.  Simple case is cascading
if ( obj instanceof.... ) to pick a navigator.  I'll whip it out if it'll
cause you to stick with Jaxen.

> If we agree in this thread on the way to proceed, I will try to prepare
> the required patches (as far as my spare time allows - as probably missing
> for most here).



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