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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: comparing monetary value
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 19:19:46 GMT
Hey gang -

Jonathan accused:
> You do seem to be deliberately missing the point.
At least I'm not deliberately beating a dead horse. <grin>
Anyway, I'll skip the baiting comments and focus on these two:

Jonathon posed:
> Velocity simply does not provide a solution for the localized 
> (or even non-localized) display of decimal numbers. 
> Whether it should do so is open to debate, 
> but it mostly clearly does not address the issue.

Ok - I'll agree to both of those, keeping in mind that while Velocity
does not provide this OOTB (Out of the Box), it can indeed be
accomplished by writing a simple drop-in tool.

Personally, I'm happy with current functionality because I mostly push
all comparisons into the controller. Heck, I currently think any
comparisons except for "truth" is a slippery slope. Go ahead and call me
a Luddite, but I prefer simple, and I might even propose the removal of
Integer comparisons. Hah! ;-)

So, by my count, the current talley of folks who want Velocity to handle
non-integer arithmetic operations out of the box:
+1 Jonathan 
+1 Daniel 
+1 Christoph 
-1 Tim 

Note: seems fair to disclose that Jonathan, to paraphrase the FreeMarker
website, "rewrote the core of FreeMarker". Also, I noticed that Daniel
is heavily active on the FM-DEV list. It puzzles me, but I will not
speculate on why these gents are so worked up about having this feature
in Velocity, since by Jonathan's own explanation, it already exists in
the Freemarker template engine which both chaps seem to prefer. 

Anyway - that's my vote for what it's worth (considerably less than
$0.0002 cents in USD or Lira).


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