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From "Terry Steichen" <>
Subject Re: html 'named anchors'in velocity
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 19:24:29 GMT

Not sure this will help your exact problem (because I don't understand the
details too well), but you seem to be asking about the use of internal page
navigation in a template.  What follows is a small segment I cut out of one
of my templates - it provides 3 levels of navigation and works just fine.

HTH and Regards,


<li><a name=1></a>"The content mixture you are offering isn't right for
<a href=#1a>[more..]</a>
<li><a name=2></a>"The content isn't worth the asking price." <a
<li><a name=3></a>"I have to buy more than I really want or need." <a

<p><a name=1a></a><b>1. Content Mixture:</b> Even when an audience
interested in the topic area, they may not be satisfied with the particular
form in which the content is presented.  Some may want more detail, and some
less - which means that a single presentation mix will typically be optimal
(that is, highly attractive) for only a relatively small audience.  That
small audience may be willing to pay a decent price for the offering, but
it's small size translates into small revenue levels. <a href="#1c"
>[Web-Exec solution]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=#1>Back to List</a>

<p><a name=2a></a><b>2. The Right Price:</b> When the right
content topic is
presented in the right presentation mixture, typically the next common
objection is price.  An audience will perceive a value and associate it with
the content they access.  For a given set of content, different segments of
a market may perceive significantly different values.  When the price
exceeds this perceived value for a market segment, the sales objection of
members of that segment becomes formidable.  <a href="#2c" >[Web-Exec
solution]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=#1>Back to List</a>

<p><a name=3a></a><b>3. Only What You Need:</b> Even if the
perceives that the value of the content is in line with its price, many
members of that audience may still object that, the way that the content is
offered forces them to pay for more than they need or want.  This objection
is most frequently associated with the volume of demand or frequency of
need.  <a href="#3c" >[Web-Exec solution]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=#1>Back


<p><a name=1c></a><b><u>Web-Exec Solution 1 (Content Mixture)</u>:</b>
<br>Web-Exec allows content 'narrowcasting', which is the capability to
simultaneously offer different 'views' of a set of content to different
segments of a target audience.  <a href=#1a>[back to challenge]</a>

<p><a name=2c></a><b><u>Web-Exec Solution 2 (The Right Price)</u>:</b>
<br>Web-Exec allows each of these 'views' to be offered under a different
pricing strategy.  <a href=#2a>[back to challenge]</a>

<p><a name=3c></a><b><u>Web-Exec Solution 3 (Only What You Need)</u>:</b>
<br>Web-Exec supports a wide range of different kinds of pricing strategies,
including flat rate with unlimited usage, flat rate with limited usage, flat
rate with unlimited usage with usage-based charges, or purely usage-based
charges with no flat rate. .  <a href=#3a>[back to challenge]</a>

----- Original Message -----
From: "nicky thompson" <>
To: "velocity-user (E-mail)" <>
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 2:36 PM
Subject: html 'named anchors'in velocity

> Hello,
> I'm a new user (web developer) of velocity on a property portal and am
> getting to grips with various features. I wonder if anyone can help with
> this problem.
> I'm trying to set up a named anchor, one on each thumbnailed image down
> side of a page, which, when clicked, changes a big image at the top to the
> larger version of the thumbnail, and returns to the top of the page where
> the large image is.
> Here is the code I am trying to use - without the named anchors (please
> excuse text wrapping):
> #foreach ($image in $Property.images)
> #if ($MediaMode == 'pictures')
> <p><a
> ata("p_id", "$Property.Uid.longValue()").addQueryData("pa_n",
> $pa_n).addQueryData("MediaMode", "pictures").addQueryData("curr_media_n",
> "$k")" onClick="dispImg($k); return false"><img
> src="http://$image.nonSecureServer$image.thumbnailUri" width=135
> alt="$image.caption" border=0 hspace=5 vspace=5></a><br>
> #else
> <p><a
> ata("p_id", "$Property.Uid.longValue()").addQueryData("pa_n",
> $pa_n).addQueryData("MediaMode", "pictures").addQueryData("curr_media_n",
> "$k")"><img src="http://$image.nonSecureServer$image.thumbnailUri"
> alt="$image.caption" border=0 hspace=5 vspace=5></a>
> #end
> Suspecting that the problem is to do with the fact that a named anchor
> in html uses the code "#thelink", when # is a velocity character, I've
> escaping the # with a \, but this doesn't work. I've tried various
> as follows:
> <a
> eryData ... >
> <a
> ueryData ... >
> which both change the link, as they're supposed to, but don't return me to
> the top of the page, and:
> <a
> eryData ... >
> <a
> ueryData ... >
> which both break the file, thumbnails.vm (displayed in a pageset (not sure
> of the terminology, sorry!) called PropertyDetails.vm. Thumbnails.vm just
> doesn't show at all in these last two cases.
> I usually try to hang around on lists and help other people before I start
> asking for guidance so I feel bad asking for help before getting to know
> all, but I'm suffering under a deadline (who isn't!) and would *really*
> appreciate some help with this! Of course, this is not the only problem
> having, but it's the only one where I'm really coming to a dead end. argh!
> many many thanks if anyone knows about this
> cheers
> nicky
> xx
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