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Subject RE: escaping problem help sought.
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 21:03:36 GMT
Try this:

Still on two lines, but the ## at the end of the first should get
rid of the newline in the output.

"phillip rhodes" <> wrote:

>I am trying to output some valid velocity code that a user can cut and paste into a velocity
template.  However, there is a mixture of both vtl and variables, some of which I want to
be interpolated, and some not.  I got things to work by splitting the line I want to output
into 2 lines.  But if I try everything on the same line, my variable interpolations do not
>While I can hobble along, I feel bothered by not understanding what I am doing wrong.
 According to the docs on escaping, what I am doing on one line should work.  Can anything
point out a limitation of velocity or how I can achieve this in velocity?
>This is what I want to output...  (I do have this output if I break it up using two lines.
>#jcontrol($jpage.getQuestionByName( "Which colorectal test used").getQuestionItemByName("Colonoscopy")
>$questionname and $questionItem are two in scope variables that I want interpolated.
>#jcontrol is a macro that I do not want to invoke, but needs to be output.
>This is working:  (it's on two lines)
>This is not working:

Paul Lynch
Aquilent, Inc.
National Library of Medicine

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