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From Mike Williams <>
Subject Re: comparing monetary value
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 10:49:16 GMT
  >>> On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:39:04 +0200,
  >>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Revusky <> wrote:

  >> So, by my count, the current talley of folks who want Velocity to handle
  >> non-integer arithmetic operations out of the box:
  >> +1 Jonathan

  Jonathan> Oh no, not me. I would just as soon have Velocity continue
  Jonathan> without support for decimal numbers.

It's amazing that you keep harping on about it in this forum, then.

  Jonathan> Look, I don't have a hidden agenda particularly. I've put a lot
  Jonathan> of work into making FreeMarker a superior templating solution
  Jonathan> and I want people to be aware of it. 

You're certainly entitled to that opinion, but I consider it extremely
impolite (to say the least) that you're using this list as your soapbox.

  Jonathan> If certain people want hamburgers and you have chosen not to
  Jonathan> serve hamburgers in your restaurant ...  I don't see what the
  Jonathan> issue is in terms of telling somebody that there's a Burger
  Jonathan> King round the corner 

I'm pretty sure that if you started handing around Burger King flyers in
your local vegetarian restaurant, it wouldn't be well received.

cheers, Mike

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