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Subject RE: What's in the future for Velocity?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:51:03 GMT

> Personally I can't think of many (if any) thing that I would 
> want improved
> in Velocity, but I'm just curious if the dev team (I assume 
> it's not just
> Geir?!) has anything cool in the works (or even ideas) for 

I started using Velocity a while ago (version 0.7?) and even
back then, it had all the basic features I needed.  The only
thing I needed from Velocity badly enough to actually do myself
was "velocity-small.jar".  I wrote a script to unjar velocity
(or maybe velocity-dep.jar, I don't remember now), and then
erase the stuff I didn't need, and the rejar it as a smaller
library.  A lot of the code was only used for conversion utilities,
so this worked well.  Something like this, or at least instructions
on how to do it, might be a nice addition to Velocity.  I would
be happy to write up the text, and test it, if someone else could
actually put it into the Velocity release.

On the other hand, there are several "chrome" items, which are not
new features, which I would like to see added.  These are the kind
of things that the book CROSSING THE CHASM calls "the rest of the 

1. A GUI utility (hopefully Swing based), which would all people to
experiment with Velocity properties, contexts, templates, and see the
resulting text.  There was some talk of such a think on the emailing
list in the past, but I think it should be added to the release as a
development tool, and discussed in the documentation.

2. A collection of editor configuration files, so that configurable
editors (like emacs, TextPad, etc.) would know about Velocity templates,
and display them with the right syntax coloring.

3. A collection of specialized documentation/example pairs each of which 

describes and shows how to use Velocity in a different environment.
(Here is how to use Velocity as an internal String -> String utility,
here is ho wto use it as an embeded template engine, here is how to use
it with Tomcat, here is how to use it as an XML display tool, here is 
how to use it with a servlet engine, etc.)  You've got the beginnings of 
in both the examples and the documentation, but I think both should be
extended to discuss more of the issues unique to each environment.

4. A lint like utility to check velocity template syntax, and (as much
as possible) check that methods expected by the template are present in 
the objects in the context (assuming it can figure out the mapping). 

Joshua Levy

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