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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: vel-tools sub project
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 23:53:39 GMT
Geir said:
> On 11/1/02 2:19 AM, "Nathan Bubna" <> wrote:
> > Gabe said:
> >> If anyone really needs the Struts 1.1 support now, I believe it
> >> is relatively straightforward to extend the existing implementation
> >> (and of course, contribute it back...).
> >
> > actually, i'm already using it with Struts 1.1.  the changes to do so
> > pretty simple.  i can submit the patches if anyone so desires.
> >
> Patch us, baby :)

argh.  i'm having issues with an ignorant/facist network admin.  i'm now on
my school's LAN and they seem to be blocking every useful port, including
2401.  for life of me i can't understand these people!  can you believe i
had to nag them just to get 22 opened for ssh?!!  unbelievable.  anyway, i
can't get at apache's cvs to make a diff right now.   i'm pretty sure that
all i did was uncomment the commented ActionMessages code in StrutsUtils and
add an ActionMessagesTool.  nothing fancy.  here, i'll attach the
ActionMessagesTool...  hopefully i'll be able to diff my code against soon to see if there was anything else i changed and forgot
about.  i'll send the patch along then too.

> Is this backwards compatible?

eh, not so much.  ActionMessages is a new feature for 1.1.

i'm not aware of much in the way of 1.1 changes or features that require any
change in the vel-struts stuff to be used.  so really, i think (don't yell
at me if i'm wrong) you should be perfectly able to use the current
vel-struts integration with 1.1 as it is.  you just might not be able to
take advantage of some features without some work.  (and if you do any such
work, please share! :-)

> Is struts 1.1. Released?

nope.  but it shouldn't be too long.  the word is that there's already a
couple struts books dealing with 1.1 headed to the printers.  that at least
says something about the stability of the current beta releases.  as far as
i can tell, there's no new planned features.  just some clean-up, bug-fixes,
and doc stuff

Nathan Bubna

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