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From Søren Neigaard <>
Subject Re[2]: Newbie - Keep getting ResourceNotFoundException
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 19:21:53 GMT
Yes I figured it out myself, just had to read some more. Although I
have been in the computer business for quite some time now, I still
have a tendency to ask firs, and look last - sorry I know it's a bad
habit :) Thanks for the answer though.


Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 6:17:47 PM, Geir wrote:

GMJ> If you already solve the problem, ignore - my scan of the list didn't 
GMJ> seem to have any help for you...

GMJ> On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, at 02:36 PM, Søren Neigaard wrote:

>> I'm trying to make a simple HelloWorld example, and I'm doing this
>> from inside the doGet method in a servlet:
>> ------------------
>> Velocity.init();
>> VelocityContext context = new VelocityContext();
>> context.put("name", new String("Velocity Test"));
>> Template template = null;
>> try {
>>   template = Velocity.getTemplate("mytemplate.vm");
>>   template.merge(context,response.getWriter());
>> }
>> catch(Exception e){
>>   e.printStackTrace();
>> }
>> ------------------
>> Where does it look for the template? Can it be on the file system, or
>> must it be accessible via HTTP? I have now tried to pint it directly
>> to the path where the file is, and i get this error:
>> ------------------
>> org.apache.velocity.exception.ResourceNotFoundException: Unable to
>> find resource
>> '/C:/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.10-LE-jdk14/webapps/yaf/mytemplate.vm'
>> ------------------
>> And the file is there!? Please advice, what is my (simple) problem?

GMJ> It's a simple problem.

GMJ> First, some comments :

GMJ> 1) you don't want to put init() in the doGet().  First, it's not going 
GMJ> to work after the first time, and two, it's much better to put this 
GMJ> into the servlets' init method, so it will get called at the right time 
GMJ> in the servlet life cycle.

GMJ> 2) There is nothing wrong with rolling your own servlet - it's what I 
GMJ> do and can customize things the way I want them to be.  VelocityServlet 
GMJ> is a nice base, and it has a nice model to work with, but there are 
GMJ> many ways to do it.

GMJ> 3) The problem - the problem is that by default, velocity's resource 
GMJ> loader is the FileResourceLoader, and further, it defaults to the 
GMJ> 'current directory', whatever that is, when init()-ed w/o parameters.  
GMJ> The solution is really simple - you want to set the file resource 
GMJ> loader path with the right thing - see how VelocityServlet does it, or 
GMJ> the servlet examples in the distro.

GMJ> Other solutions is to use the webapp resource loader from the tools 
GMJ> project as well, as that is meant to not depend on the filesystem, 
GMJ> which is the better thing to do in a servlet environment.

GMJ> geir

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