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From Andy Lee <>
Subject Re: Default to quiet references
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 18:59:57 GMT
At 8:00 AM -0500 11/4/02, Serge Knystautas wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm really just trying to keep it 
>easy for the users.  I think $!foo would be easier than #qu( $foo ), 
>so assuming it's not possible now, I'll go hack something myself and 
>submit a patch if desired.

Sure, that makes sense.  Back to an earlier question, then:

At 6:00 PM -0500 11/3/02, Serge Knystautas wrote:
>What I'd like to do is have a configuration setting have $foo act 
>like $!foo, so $foo never gets printed in the output.
>Are other people interested in this and/or give me any pointers as 
>to where in the code I should look to make this kind of change?

I would like to have such a setting, perhaps in 
Or maybe what I really want is the opposite -- a setting that forces 
all references to be non-quiet?  Or maybe I want both options?  Brain 
overload... I haven't thought it through.

All I know is, the behavior of normal references is almost never what 
I really want.  To me, the benefit of the default behavior is that it 
forces me to debug my templates and be conscious of what the 
reference evaluates to.  Otherwise I could just make all my 
references quiet, right?  But once I've done my debugging, I usually 
want nulls to be ignored.


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