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From "M. Sean Gilligan" <>
Subject a PP for Velocity (Was RE: CPP like interface to Velocity)
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 03:27:52 GMT
Didge, et. al,

This looks like a great tool.  However, I was wondering if it could be used to preprocess
Velocity templates?  At one point, I had considered attempting this with Texen, but it is
hard (impossible?) to pre-process a file with a preprocessor that uses the same language.

We are using one large set of .vm HTML templates for a large webapp that has several closely
related "flavors".  We currently handle the different "flavors" with run-time conditionals,
but build-time conditionals would increase performance.  Also since one "flavor" of our webapp
may have one customer's proprietary information, it would be nice to have these conditionals
execute at build-time.

It's not an urgent need, but given the current discussion, I thought it would be worth asking.
 Does anyone have any ideas?



At 6:05 PM -0800 12/17/02, didge wrote:
>I've created a new sourceforge project for my preprocessor code.  Check it
>out at  I appreciate any and all constructive
>feedback!  The source is included with the download.

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