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From John Ike <>
Subject Re: This question has "first major web app" written all over it.
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2003 02:52:38 GMT

Thank you all so much.

 I spent the day continuing the learning process.   I feel SO much
more able once I got past two main bumbling blocks and you helped me
get passed them.   I was losing my application session, I believe,
because I had not seen this aspect of struts-config file:

<action  path=...   type=....ForwardAction   parameter=....*.vm/>

I think because I was missing it, I was getting the concept of a
redirect.   I have to try it out tonight.

Another misunderstanding was making me think incorrectly about need
for application session usage.

Thank you for your patience and good advice.  I feel very capable now
and am thinking about other aspects of MVC such as using OJB for db
and caching.  Ackward growth stage over.

P.S.:   I picked up "Struts in Action" book today which really helped
me get passed these two blocks.  They have a great section on
Velocity.   Also "Proffesional Struts Applications" has also been
amazing Velocity and architecture help for future newbies in need.

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:48:25 -0700, you wrote:

>John said:
>> Velocity alone without need for session objects is
>> very fast I am sure, but how does its requirement for Session
>> information work with scalability?
>huh?  Velocity has absolutely no requirement for session information.  even
>assuming you are using velocity-tools, if you don't want to put things in
>the session, then don't.  the VelocityViewServlet uses a ChainedContext that
>will happily and automatically search your toolbox, request attributes,
>session attributes, and application attributes for a template reference.
>you are free to get your data from any of the above or even hard-code it in
>your templates.
>you seem to be operating on either hasty assumptions or a gross
>> I am really wishing I
>> had a more full example that really handles some of these concerns.
>and i am wishing i had the time to create one for you and others.  but alas,
>i don't.  getting things done for my employer and my professors are higher
>priorities.  but if someone else has an example to contribute...
>Nathan Bubna
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