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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: Re: ResourceManager : unable to find resource ...
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 20:02:41 GMT
Otis -
 From reading the latest example, I think there is some confusion on how
the struts and velocity stuff plays together.

> Is VVS not supposed to be used the same way 
> StrutsActionServlet is used?

Correct. It is not. The VelocityViewServlet replaces the JSP portion

Have a look at the diagram here:

See how the struts stuff stays the same, the only difference is when it
comes time to render the View. In other words, the Struts servlet
handles the action *.do and when it's comleted, hands the request off to
a JSP (in the mapping file). 

But we want to use Velocity, not JSP. So instead of handing off to a
*.jsp, we map the result to a *.vm.

Then we need something to process that *.vm -> and that's where the
VelocityViewServlet and VelocityLayoutServlet come to play. They are
mapped to handle all *.vm files.

The Velocity-Struts library (in the tools project) just helps to make
the struts stuff available to the Velocity template engine. 

I suggest using the installation instructions here for the ViewServlet:

And then follow the instructions here:

Unfortunately, there may be some bugs in the docs - so ask questions as
you go, and we can fix the docs to make things more clear!

Hope this helps!

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