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From mailmur <>
Subject Re: Win2k Notepad and UTF-8 files BOM mark?
Date Sun, 04 May 2003 10:27:32 GMT
I googled the internet and found out the following
editor. This will let me save UTF-8 without BOM

> >> [tomcat4.18/jdk14.1/win2k/velocity 1.3.1]
> >> I'm not sure whether this belongs here but I've
> >> encountered it in Velocity engine anyway.
> >>
> >> I have UTF-8 saved templates, but then every
> generated page has extra ? character at the start of
> >> This is what I found out, and yes hexeditor
> displays 3 extra bytes at start: "the three UTF-8
bytes (0xEF 0xBB 0xBF) as the Unicode Byte-Order Mark
(BOM). Win notepad puts a BOM on front of a file if
you tell it to save as UTF-8 or UTF... " I've put
"input.encoding=UTF-8" param to
Is it that, I should use another utf-8 texteditor
instead of Win2k Notepad?

> AFAIK Notepad does have BOM-les UTF-8 option...
> Most Java text editors,
> [snip]
>> I wanted to type: "doesn't have"... Sorry...

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