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From Scott Farquhar <>
Subject Re: Template inheritance
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 04:31:55 GMT

Nathan Bubna wrote:
> Dirk said:
> Velocity doesn't give you the ability to extend templates in such a
> manner, nor is such a feature planned AFAIK.  since you appear to be
> creating a webapp, i recommend checking out the jakarta-velocity-tools
> project.  it provides a VelocityLayoutServlet that can offer
> functionality somewhat similar to this.  with it you would define one
> (a default) or more "layout" templates analagous to your master
> template, and "body" or "screen content" templates would be able to
> set variables for the layout.  the screen template could also override
> (even dynamically, if you want) the layout to be used if the default
> one is not desired.
> anyway, you can check the project out and build the docs yourself, or
> peruse them online first at
> we haven't gotten them up on the main jakarta site yet.

To second alternative approaches for web-apps, can I suggest Sitemesh? 
It does a similar thing to what you are suggesting (decorating of whole 

Whilst not integrated with velocity (yet!), you can achieve your results 
by using the VelocityServlet.



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