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From "Dmitri Colebatch" <>
Subject RE: velocity-tools -> multiple instances of VelocityViewServlet
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 01:51:53 GMT

Thanks for perservering (o:

> ok, one thing in particular i was looking for was where you were
> specifying the toolbox:  as an application init-params or in each of
> the servlets' init params?  i'm guessing it was the latter.  if so,
> the next question would be: did both configurations point to the same
> toolbox file?

yes and yes (servlet init-param, and same toolbox file)

> yeah, this would be the recommended approach if all you are doing is
> switching the content-type according to the requested file name.
> that's why the setContentType method is passed the request and
> response.

I'm also wondering why its required - shouldn't mime-mappings (which didn't
seem to work for me) in web.xml be enough?

> so, yeah, i'm glad you got it working, but since someone might
> theoretically run into this problem and not be free to use your
> workaround, would you mind still answering my follow-up questions
> about your previous setup?  i might still try and track down the
> problem when i get a chance.



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