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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: Velocity-Struts Subproject (support of struts 1.1)
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:13:49 GMT
Greg Roll said:
> I am currently investigating the possibility of using the Velocity-Struts
> tools package in an upcoming project.  My question would be how stable is
> this project as it currently stands?..

quite stable.  no major changes should happen between now and our first release.

> Is it being actively developed?

yes, quite.

> and finally.... it appears as though the current release support struts
> 1.0.2.... how far out do you see support for struts 1.1...?

i (and others) already use the project with Struts 1.1.  velocity-tools will
work just fine with either one.  we have not yet, however, incorporated any code
that would not compile against 1.0.2.  this has been to not ostracize those
still stuck with Struts 1.0.  so, development of tools that support/interact
with the new features in Struts 1.1 has been very limited (but there is a
working ActionMessagesTool in the whiteboard).  once we have done a 1.0 release
of velocity-tools and Struts finally gets their 1.1 release out, then you may
begin to see more Struts 1.1 feature support be developed in velocity-tools.

Nathan Bubna

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