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From Magne Skjeret <>
Subject use of velocity
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2003 20:10:01 GMT

I am currently in prosess of finding a suitable "framework" to code my
webapps in.

I have previous used plain jsp, and the last year I have used cocoon and
xsp. But I must admit that xsp is sometimes a bit pain to code in.
And I am also aiming at making my apps skinable, so that I can change
colors, templates, stylesheest and so on, so it would be really easy to
customize the app for different clients. And templates just sounds like
a really good idea then.

And I was wondering if someone knew of any good sites that uses

I have tried velocity a bit and I must say that I am impressed. Small
easy-readable templates. I must admit that I was a little concerned
about i18n support, but I guess it wont be much hassle to create such a
system myself. Or do I need to? Is there i18n support in there?

I am also looking forward to see what the results of Gerry Seidman's
query is. 

Magne Skjeret

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