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From Peter Romianowski <>
Subject Re: JavaCC open sourced on
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 15:50:51 GMT
I suspect there are some sort of "historical reasons" why Jonathan's mails
are always treated as "rude" or "overpromoting FM".

And we are back on the old issue again: *Absolutely NO DEVELOPMENT here*.
I personally tried to get the thing started again with contributing stuff
and _concrete_ development-plans a couple of times. I also tried to convince
Geir to let others do the work by promoting new committers. No success.

I don't understand from my today's POV how people are attracted to Velocity
and use it in Big Projects(tm). I started using Velocity about 2 years ago.
And I still use it, but I'm running my own version with additions. And I
do think others have their own Velocity-Codebase too. That is absolutely
rediculous! And even more rediculous since there is this huge community
here (a fact which Jonathan already pointed out).

Somebody suggested this some time ago and I will put it once again on
the table: The JakartaPMC *has* to find a new project lead. It's a pitty
to say but Geir showed many times that he is not the person anymore.
(Note: Absolutely nothing personal against Geir! He has done really a
lot for this project! And I appreciate that.)

Funny that Serge is writing here: I've quit using JAMES because he left and
the development almost stopped at that point. (They are doing better now,
though I think).


Serge Knystautas wrote:
> Can someone point me to the rudeness or inappropriate tone of Jonathan's 
> comments?  As a new velocity user, I *am* concerned by the lack of 
> development and the lower list traffic.
> Don't get me wrong, while I have been using JSPs for way too long (heck, 
> was part of the JSTL expert group), Velocity provides a great niche 
> architecture.  So, I'm pleased I'm using Velocity, but Jonathan's points 
> all seemed rather accurate (at least to me).
> Maybe I'm just too thick skinned from some of the other Jakarta 
> listservs, but his note didn't seem unduly rude or inappropriate.

Peter Romianowski

Weidenweg 60
10247 Berlin

Telefon: 030 / 41 72 42 31
Fax:     030 / 41 72 42 39


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