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From Peter Romianowski <>
Subject Re: JavaCC open sourced on
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 17:23:57 GMT
>> Funny that Serge is writing here: I've quit using JAMES because he 
>> left and
>> the development almost stopped at that point. (They are doing better now,
>> though I think).
> Heh, yeah things were dead for a while with James.  I would say we're 
> not quite a template for success yet, but since James was promoted to a 
> TLP, we're doing much better.  Regular monthly releases, tons of 
> discussion, improved documentation, a new article on IBM's devnet this 
> week, just added a new committer last week with more upcoming... things 
> have really turned around in James.

I'll have a look at the "new" James... ;)

> So yeah, I've very much been a part of an open source project with a 
> decent community where development goes dark for a while.  Certainly not 
> the end of the road.  I would say to Geir that I hardly do any coding 
> for James anymore but instead just basically foster the community (as 
> PMC chairman).  And I love it!
> I would think if there's interest, Velocity could propose to the board 
> to become a TLP.  You've got the community, the maturity, the 

Oh no. That would not make any difference. The first thing that this project
would ne is an *active* comitter-team and perhaps an *active* head. Becoming
a TLP would not change the situation.

> adoption... if you have the interest, I think you just need to work a 
> bit on some future direction and what you could do different as a TLP. 
> And given Jonathan's points about what new developments have been 
> happening in other projects, I think there is some ideas... aside from 
> the templating features and integration, IDE extensions, you've already 
> got a rich list of Velocity related projects that could become other 
> subprojects.  Just a thought... not trying to volunteer anyone to the task.

I don't know if you monitor the dev-list too, but there have been discussions
over months about new features and future developments. We even started working
out a development plan (together with Geir btw.) but the result is: ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING. Geir left again and the project is dead. I know there are other
comitters - but they do nothing. Don't get me wrong: I don't "blame" anybody
for anything, if a comitter doesn't have the time or interest anymore it's
ok for him to stop contributing. It's open source. And if noone is doing
anything and noone is there to take care then there should be a new person
handling things. Better a bunch of persons.
And becoming a TLP (btw. who would speak to the board? Here is noone...) would
not change anything.

Just my opinion (formed during LOADS of discussions on this)


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