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From Serge Knystautas <>
Subject Re: JavaCC open sourced on
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 17:46:44 GMT
Peter Romianowski wrote:
> I'll have a look at the "new" James... ;)

Cool.  I think you'll find the software and the docs much improved.

>> I would think if there's interest, Velocity could propose to the board 
>> to become a TLP.  You've got the community, the maturity, the 
> Oh no. That would not make any difference. The first thing that this 
> project
> would ne is an *active* comitter-team and perhaps an *active* head. 
> Becoming
> a TLP would not change the situation.

I have to admit I was incredibly cynical about James' viability when we 
were made a TLP.  I'm not even sure why the promotion happened... a few 
well intending members (mainly Danny and Noel), who then made me PMC 
chair mainly as an honorary.  For me, if a project like Avalon was 
getting promoted, we certainly should follow suit.  We were merely 
apathetic and cynical, not a project filled with civil wars.

However, the promotion gave me (and others) a real sense of 
responsibility and somehow changed our attitude.  It was also some new 
and different responsibilities and issues, so the change helped 

So we did a bit more work, which lead to some new contributors, and now 
committers.  I am honestly contributing as little to James time-wise as 
at any time (my company is even still running a hacked 1.5 year old 
version of James that's missing hundreds of bug fixes and performance 
improvements).  However, the community attitude got changed in becoming 
a TLP, and I spend my time fostering the community instead of dev plans 
or anything technical.  Again, I'm not quite ready to call us a poster 
child, but I think the James community has really made an amazing 

> I don't know if you monitor the dev-list too, but there have been 
> discussions
> over months about new features and future developments. We even started 
> working
> out a development plan (together with Geir btw.) but the result is: 
> NOTHING. Geir left again and the project is dead. I know there are other
> comitters - but they do nothing. Don't get me wrong: I don't "blame" 
> anybody
> for anything, if a comitter doesn't have the time or interest anymore it's
> ok for him to stop contributing. It's open source. And if noone is doing
> anything and noone is there to take care then there should be a new person
> handling things. Better a bunch of persons.
> And becoming a TLP (btw. who would speak to the board? Here is noone...) 
> would
> not change anything.

I'm not on velocity-dev, and I hope I'm not coming across as telling the 
Velocity community what you should do.  I'm just trying to share what 
did happen with James in case some find it relevant.

Like I think you said, it's not a question of missing features in 
Velocity... it works great for me too (aside from the recent security 
thread).  I think it's more a question of taking Velocity in new 
directions.  I would think finding new people interested in contributing 
and involving them could help address that without overly taxing the 
original developer base.

Serge Knystautas
Lokitech >> software . strategy . design >>
p. 301.656.5501

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