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From "bart wood" <>
Subject Veltag with struts tools
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 18:48:31 GMT
I want to use velocity in my struts application.  I need the ability to 
re-use a lot of existing jsp/struts tags but mix in velocity markup.  The 
Veltag tag library seemed very promising to allow me to do this.  However, I 
found that mixing the VelocityTag code with the VelocityViewServlet code is 
not possible.  I downloaded the source of both and peeked around to figure 
out how to mix the two.  I tried this piece of code in VelocityTag.doEndTag( 

RequestDispatcher rd = pageContext.getServletContext().getNamedDispatcher( 
"/velocity" );
rd.include( pageContext.getRequest( ), pageContext.getResponse( ) );

The VelocityViewServlet.doRequest method is called but it crashes.  Probably 
because the VelocityViewServlet is expecting a file to parse instead of the 
tag body.  I thought of creating a temporary file but that is really messy.  
Does anyone have any code that does this same thing or something similar.  
How can I combine the Veltag functionality with the velocity tools package?


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