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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: Melati 0.7.0 released
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 09:53:23 GMT
Tim Pizey wrote:
>  Hi, 
>  Melati 0.7.0 is available from 
>  This release enables user locale detection and a major 
> overhaul of the code quality, and generated code style,  
> following a style audit using and 

Tim, it's good to clean up the code, of course, but what I think you 
really need to do is to write some docs. I downloaded Melati 2 years 
ago, I think, and my initial impression was that it simply had no 
documentation. And I just looked again, I see no change on that front.

I mean, I know there are some docs, but you really need some kind of 
introductory tutorial that assumes very little prior knowledge on the 
part of the user -- page templates, servlets, database queries... assume 
little or no prior knowledge.

Even just now, browsing your javadoc API, it seems incredibly sparse. I 
would suggest that you at least put a package.html file in your various 
source directories that outlines what the purpose of that package is.

I see a huge amount of work there, and it probably is good, but I don't 
think that the typical person looking for a web app framework even has a 
fighting chance of mastering the tool as things stand now. I mean, do 
you have any user base outside of your immediate group of collaborators?

Best Regards,

Jonathan Revusky
lead developer, FreeMarker project,
FreeMarker-Velocity comparison page:

FreeMarker 2.3pre2 is out!

> The Maven generated project site can be seen at 
>  Melati is a tool for developing websites backed by any SQL Database, 
>  It provides the following features:
>  o - A generic Database Administration system, allowing the site manager 
>      to edit both the contents and the structure of the database 
>      through a web interface.
>  o - An object layer where the database is seen as a 
>       collection of Java objects.
>  o - Transparent cacheing of commonly used records, selections and
>       "computed objects", via a (genuinely!) easy-to-use transparent, 
>       transaction-safe,  persistence layer on top of JDBC.
>       (Prefiguring J2EE by some two years - and better!)
>  o - A low level access control system based on a  user/group/capability
>       model, allowing restrictions to be placed on tables, rows and fields.
>  o - Cookie-based or HTTP-based login provoked automatically by access
>       control failure.
>  o - Cached widget templating mechanism, using "templets" (sub-templates) for
>       rendering interface elements (eg HTML input boxes, dropdowns).
>  o - Contributed packages for messageboards, shopping trolley 
>       and example code for full text indexing and much more.
>  Melati is developed and maintained by the PanEris collabrative, 
>  and has an active mailinglist on sourceforge.
>  Melati now supports any of Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL Server, 
> MckoiDB and HSQLDB  simultaneously if required.
>  Similarly Melati supports both Webmacro and Velocity, 
>  or both at the same time ie you can use the built-in 
>  Admin Suite (written in WebMacro) even if your template engine is 
>  Velocity.
>  Melati has now been in production use for three years with no 
>  problems.
>  See for example: 
> - Massive copyright free book site
> - Online toystore
> - Online Pianos
> - Dynamic tracking of vehicles
>  Melati is a very nice tool and we are very keen to have more 
>  people use it. 
>  Melati can be used under the GPL - or any other licence 
>  you need.
>  Once you have tried it you won't go back!
>  yours sincerely
>  Tim Pizey

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