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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Oops! (Was: Veltag with struts tools)
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 20:56:13 GMT
Honestly, I meant to send this message by private email, but I forgot to 
change the recipient before hitting the send button.

I'm not very interested in starting a fight with anyone here. I don't 
have the time or energy to get abused by anybody. My sending this to the 
list really was unintentional.


Jonathan Revusky wrote:
> bart wood wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to use velocity in my struts application.  I need the ability 
>> to re-use a lot of existing jsp/struts tags but mix in velocity 
>> markup.  The Veltag tag library seemed very promising to allow me to 
>> do this.  However, I found that mixing the VelocityTag code with the 
>> VelocityViewServlet code is not possible.  I downloaded the source of 
>> both and peeked around to figure out how to mix the two.  I tried this 
>> piece of code in VelocityTag.doEndTag( )
> Bart,
> If you are interested in using Struts sans JSP, you might consider 
> FreeMarker for your view layer. FreeMarker is an open-source template 
> engine, much like Velocity, but generally more powerful and is also 
> undergoing more active development.
> FreeMarker integrates quite well with struts, but also you get to have 
> your cake and eat it too, since FM now supports the use of 3rd party JSP 
> taglibs from templates, so if there is some functionality in a taglib 
> that you need, you can still use it. Velocity doesn't have this feature 
> and, truth told, probably never will. You see, Velocity is basically a 
> dead project. No new development on the template engine itself has 
> occurred for about a year.
> Here is the manual section that says how to use FM in conjunction with 
> Struts and with JSP taglibs in general:
> FreeMarker is also used as the view component in various web application 
> frameworks. Notably, "Open for Business", recently 
> decided to move over completely from using JSP to using FM.
> I hope that's helpful.
> Jonathan Revusky

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