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From "Bill Boland" <>
Subject Autoreload and WebappLoader
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 14:40:17 GMT
I was migrating a web application to Velocity 1.3.1 and Velocity Tools 1.0
this weekend and was unable to get the autoreload of libraries to work. I
looked into the source and it seems to always return zero for the
modification time for the WebappLoader which is used by default from the
VelocityViewServlet. I didn't see a bug report on it could just be
me or something stupid I've done. I'm not using a war file. This does not
seem to be a problem with templates that are not libraries so I'm not sure
if the modification time is a problem or there is something else going on.

Could someone verify that this does or doesn't work? Thanks.

bill boland

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