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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: Velocity + Database
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 04:34:47 GMT
Aaron Freeman said:
> I think the primary reason I didn't use it was because I was intimidated by
> the toolbox.xml file.

sorry to hear that, but now that you've had that experience, have you got any
suggestions for ways to make the Velocity Tools documentation/examples less
intimidating?  intimidating newbies is definitely not a goal of the
project(s). :)

> I was (am) so new to Velocity that I didn't understand
> how all the pieces fit together.  I know now that the Tools are no big deal
> but at the time it was confusing to me (not because of your implementation
> but because I was trying to digest what had to be done very quickly and
> didn't know the lay of the land [at the time I had never even heard of the
> "toolbox.xml"]). It took me a couple of days with VelocityView to learn that
> they are the method to extend Velocity (although the name is self
> explanatory, the layout wasn't).

just to quibble over semantics a bit... i would say that the toolbox/tools is
not a way to extend Velocity, but a way to automatically populate the velocity
context (and a simple, flexible, and powerful way at that!).  ;)

> Ok, ok, I admit it ... I'm a cry baby ... I want to be spoon-fed the info!

so maybe we haven't spoon fed you well.  if you really believe in spoon
feeding, why not help us spoon feed others once you get past the "cry baby"
stage?  ;)

Nathan Bubna

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