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From "Brian W. Young" <>
Subject other options besides jtidy
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 17:31:55 GMT
I've read the discussions here before about whitespace and formatting 
issues.  One suggestion was to pipe output through JTidy.  I'd consider 
giving this a shot, but I'm a bit concerned about the JTidy project- it 
doesn't appear to be actively maintained, making it a poor compliment to 
Velocity which appears to be very well maintained.

Thoughts on this or suggestions of another Tidy-style library to use?  I 
use Velocity to create HTML once that gets written to disk and may be 
edited by users after that so I'd really like to pass my output through 
a formatter.  Your thoughts on the best practices here for a robust 
solution would be appreciated.  My users may also modify the templates 
as well and I don't want to restrict them to be expected to use "strict" 
markup either... i.e. close every <br> tag or else things are busted.  
So I think that rules out trying to use an XML style API.


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