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From "Aaron Freeman" <>
Subject RE: Velocity + Database
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 21:41:22 GMT
> Aaron, bad boy ;-), I suspect you did not yet check out Velosurf,
> it has many of the features you are requesting :
>  - no need to recompile java on any database change
>  - you can define objects, properties and methods in the xml file
> that gathers sql (except that the terminology is
> "entities,attributes & actions"), and then choose to inherit them
> with your own java classes
> If you still think Velosurf is not approriate in regard of your
> needs, please let me know why

:) Well, I actually did go there and I downloaded the library, but I was far
enough down the road with my own template parser and so new to Velocity that
I chose to just finish my parser off.

I didn't notice that you could embed SQL using velosurf.  So I could just do
a #parse(filewithsql.sql) to include it?  That would allow my DBAs to work
with the SQL, the designers to work with the pages, and my Java programmers
to keep cutting code regardless the structure of the DB?

IMHO it would help your cause a little if you had some _very_ simple
examples of using Velosurf to:

a) pull a single value out of the database and display it (a Hello World if
you will so we can get a super quick notion of your syntax)
b) pull multiple rows of a single column out and loop through them simply
displaying them on the screen in sequential order
c) show a single insert

I think this would entice more users to jump right in because the "very
simple example" on your page is not so simple if you are new to Velocity
itself (which I am).  The examples should be like 5 lines of code or less if
possible, just to get a quick feel for the syntax.  This way even if you are
new to velocity the whole thing will still be obvious, and it will be
apparent how to do simple things.

I think the primary reason I didn't use it was because I was intimidated by
the toolbox.xml file. I was (am) so new to Velocity that I didn't understand
how all the pieces fit together.  I know now that the Tools are no big deal
but at the time it was confusing to me (not because of your implementation
but because I was trying to digest what had to be done very quickly and
didn't know the lay of the land [at the time I had never even heard of the
"toolbox.xml"]). It took me a couple of days with VelocityView to learn that
they are the method to extend Velocity (although the name is self
explanatory, the layout wasn't).

Ok, ok, I admit it ... I'm a cry baby ... I want to be spoon-fed the info!

Just my $0.02.


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