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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Velocitystruts - Urgent -
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 13:51:47 GMT
On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 15:16, Angeles Sorano wrote:
> Hello, Please ....can you answer my mail? It's urgent.


> > 1. what do you think about VelocityStruts? technical
> > advantages and disadvantages??? 

I think it's great. Can't think of any technical disadvantages unless
your pointy-haired bosses don't want to use open source products, which
is political, not technical, anyway. 

I really enjoy the power of custom tags, but some of their functionality
could be emulated with plain old Java classes.

Can't think of any real advantages, either, except that it's much
simpler and easier on the eyes. JSP 2.0 goes a long ways to dealing with
this headache. JSP is really a more general-purpose solution--Velocity
is a templating solution (and a really, really nice one, at that). JSP
combined with JSTL is YAXL (Yet Another XML-oriented Language) and, as
such, may be too general-purpose for some people. (The more
general-purpose the more complex.)

Velocity (on the outside, anyway ;) is very clean. Having the entire
user's manual in just a few scrolls is a beautiful thing.

> > 2. what do you think about Dolphin 1.2? technical
> > advantages and disadvantages???

It's a chip design package. As somebody else said, it's unclear how we
should compare the two. It looks like it does a lot for high-speed chip
design, especially regarding crosstalk. Velocity is not so good at this.

Dolphin 1.2, at least at one point, cost over $400k. Velocity is free.
If you can live with them not being even remotely similar, the cost
savings alone would be worth the switch.

OTOH, it would have been nice when my old company was working on smaller
geometry ASICS.

Perhaps you could provide a link to the Dolphin you're talking about?
I'm not sure that anybody here knows what you mean.

> > 3. Do you know if StrutsTestCase for JUnit is
> > compatible with the VelocityStruts's architecture? 
> > or VelocityStruts has a own JUnitTest like
> > "VelocityStrutsTestCase"? I ask you this because, in
> > my opinion, the Test is an important part of the
> > application deploy.

Don't know.

Dave "If it's that urgent, download VelocityStruts and see if it works
for you, and writing tests ain't all that hard" Newton

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