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From ilfrin <>
Subject Re[4]: "$value" when null
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 19:27:47 GMT
Hi Geir,

9 pa┼║dziernika 2003, 19:43:52, zastalo napisane:

GMJ> On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 06:56 AM, ilfrin wrote:

>> Hi Geir,
>> 7 pa┼║dziernika 2003, 12:52:54, zastalo napisane:
>> GMJ> I don't quite understand.  I assume that you have something under
>> GMJ> 'profile' in the context?  it has a method getFromAddr() or 
>> get(String)
>> GMJ> that returns null.
>> profile is a object (persisted by turque) and getFromAddr() is one of
>> it's getter methods which returns a null String in some cases (a new
>> object)
>> GMJ> And you see '$value' in the output?

GMJ> Why would '$value' come out?

why would $value come out?

GMJ> if the reference is something other than '$value', then the reference 
GMJ> should print, not the string 'value'

it's $value regardless of the parameter that's calling it


it happens when the returning value is null, if it's any string
including "" the string value is then printed


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