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From Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Subject Re: Unable to locate .VM files in Jar (Velocity 1.3.1)
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:03:20 GMT
1. Specify the full path to the template. If it's contained within a jar 
in the path my/path/to/template, you'd prepend that path to the name of 
the template file.
2. If you are loading Velocity in one classloader (like at the system 
level) and trying to access the template within another classloader 
(like at the EJB container level) you'll need to implement your own 
ClasspathResourceLoader that uses 
Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() instead of 
getClass().getClassLoader(). There's a bug on this at

- Charlie wrote:

>I have a project setup in JBuilder With a structure that looks something
>like this:
>  -contains class files
>  -contains all the .VM Files
>  -contains properties files
>I create a runnable jar by including the above, plus the entire velocity
>package (with dependencies).
>The program is unable to locate the .VM Files.
>I've tried varies setting for the resource loader - including the
>resource.loader=classpath, file,jar
>file.resource.loader.path=./templates, templates, /templates,
>templates.jar was another attempt - but the VM files are located in the
>com/company/tool/generator/templates path - so Velocity is unable to find
>It seems the only way I can get to my Template (VM) files is if I move them
>out of the jar where the 'file' resource can see them, or put them in the
>root of my jar - which is really messy.
>Could the jar resource loader be extended so something like this:
>could happen?
>or is there another way to accomplish what I'm looking for?
>Thank you,
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