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From Iván Escobedo <>
Subject RE: Another problem with multiple application resources
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 22:22:00 GMT
Nathan, tell me something, am I missing something?

I tried these and none of them worked out

$errors.get($null, "adminResources") 
$errors.get("error.required", "adminResources") 
$errors.get("org.apache.struts.action.GLOBAL_ERROR", "adminResources") 

I tried these and look at the results

$errors.getMsgs($null, "adminResources")	--> "The is required"

There's nothing between "The" and "is" and there should be the "" key,
translated to the word "email" which is in AppliationReources-admin.xml

And I still don't get why the get method of $errors doesn't show anything.

-----Mensaje original-----
De: Nathan Bubna [] 
Enviado el: Miércoles, 07 de Enero de 2004 01:01 p.m.
Para: Velocity Users List
Asunto: Re: Another problem with multiple application resources

Iván Escobedo said:
>       I'm using velocitytools 1.1 beta
>       Struts 1.1
>       A default module and another module called admin
>      I'm working on admin module and I have a vm file, the look up for 
> the messages is working ok, like this
>          $msg.get("users.state.displayName", "adminResources")
>     but this one is not working
>          #if ($errors.exist())
>              $msg.get("errors.header")
>              #foreach ($e in $errors.all )
>                 $msg.get("errors.prefix) $e $msg.get("errors.suffix")
>              #end
>              $msg.get("errors.footer")
>        #end
>     I changed the $msg and put the "adminResources" and it works fine, 
> but the #foreach function is not displying anything, it's like $errors 
> is not using the ApplicationResources-admin

you're right, it's not.

> How does the ErrorTool know which applicationresources to use? This 
> worked fine in velocity tools 1.0 and now this is the only and the 
> last problem i have with modules-struts-velocity

just like the MessageTool, you have to tell it which resource bundle to use. the getAll()
method ($errors.all) doesn't specify a bundle.

try doing  #foreach( $e in $errors.get($null, "adminResources") )

also, i'm going to add a getAll(String bundle) method for the next release. i'll check the
change in today, so you can use it if you don't mind building VelocityTools from CVS on your

Nathan Bubna

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