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From "White, Tim" <>
Subject Weblogic template path problem
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:14:35 GMT
Hey -

 I just realized something somewhat ugly.

 In our app, we currently get the .vm templates from the templates
subdir of our pcat.war.  It also has all the images, etc. to support
those templates.

 We need to be getting those templates from /opt/cms/PCAT in the next
phase of our app.

 No problem, I've configured the to have the file
resource loader search /opt/cms/PCAT for the templates.

 However, _inside the .vm_ are references to images, 3d animations, etc.
that are only on /opt/cms/PCAT.  It refers to these files via URL, not
file path.  (<img src="templates/images/productimage.jpg">)

 Up until now no problem - we have a templates subdir in the .war with
an images subdir under that.

 But once the templates are only on /opt/cms/PCAT, things fall apart -
that dir isn't directly accessible by WebLogic as a URL, so the
templates all fail.

 I looked at VirtualHosts in WebLogic, but they only let the whole
server respond as different DNS names.

 Anyone have any idea how I can make /opt/cms/PCAT visible to my


Tim White

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