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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: Veltag - location in cvs
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 19:30:10 GMT
Tim Colson said:
> > Speaking as a possibly-typical velocity/struts user, I have
> > no use for  veltag.
> >   I don't see the need to add it into velocity-tools.
> Heh heh... well, you might find a need for Veltag if you find yourself on a
> project where they say, "JSP is Standard. We only use standards. Therefore
> we will only use JSP."
> Seriously, there are times when Veltag comes in handy, and it comes up on
> the list every few weeks. Velocity Tools is the place for things that are
> not 'core velocity' and so this seems like a reasonable thing to put over
> there.

I'd say VelocityTools is *a* place for things that are not 'core velocity',
but I would rather it did not become *the* place.

> Actually -- I suggest for Velocity 2.0 that Anakia, Texen, DVSL, and of
> course VelServlet all move into the Tools project... to slim down the
> 'core'.


I really don't think we should be bundling so many disparate things into one
package.  That is sure to cause headaches if/when one
unused/neglected/buggy/unpleasant component is holding up a release of the
rest.  and, as Geir said, DVSL is already not part of the core.
<not-an-actual-recommendation>if anything, Anakia and Texen might be more at
home with DVSL than Tools   They are at least vaguely in the same problem

Nathan Bubna

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