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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: another velocity article
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:45:06 GMT
 Howdy Jason -
  Just returned from a 10 days, riding my bike from SF to LA... catching

> I have to say I disagree with Tim's assessment of "don't do 
> things this way".  

Well, two things as I look at the orig email from 04/26... 
... one, my emails are always a bit tongue in cheek (note the trademark
<grin> tag)

> Plus, the author is recommending creation of new directives to, of all
things, format dates! Yikes.
> I'm not so sure the Vel homepage should link to this article without a
warning. "Don't do it this way, please." <grin>

.. and two, what I'm referring to not doing is creating new directives for
formatting dates... 

Maybe I should have written, "Warning: it isn't recommended to create new
directives just for formatting dates... unless you reallllly know what
you're doing and have looked at the Velocity Tools Date Formatting
package... and have truly compelling need to write your own directives...and
understand that is generally much harder than just using, extending, or
creating a tool... or you just like being weird." :-P

> I should think the important thing is 
> getting people using Velocity (i.e. migrating away from 
> JSPs), and pointing out that it's a hell of lot easier to 
> hack around with it if necessary.

Ok, I'm with you there... but the way I read the article, it came off
differently... sounded more like, "I migrated, expecting it to be easy...
but instead had to muck around with all sorts of internal stuff just to get
it to do what I already had in JSP."



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