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From Jason R Briggs <>
Subject Re: another velocity article
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 22:11:18 GMT
Hi back

Tim Colson wrote:
>  Howdy Jason -
>   Just returned from a 10 days, riding my bike from SF to LA... catching
> up...

Your breath?

>>I have to say I disagree with Tim's assessment of "don't do 
>>things this way".  
> Well, two things as I look at the orig email from 04/26... 
> ... one, my emails are always a bit tongue in cheek (note the trademark
> <grin> tag)

I noticed that... which is why I didn't reply with a veritable explosion 
of expletives.... ;-)

> Maybe I should have written, "Warning: it isn't recommended to create new
> directives just for formatting dates... unless you reallllly know what
> you're doing and have looked at the Velocity Tools Date Formatting
> package... and have truly compelling need to write your own directives...and
> understand that is generally much harder than just using, extending, or
> creating a tool... or you just like being weird." :-P

Count me in that last group then.

>>I should think the important thing is 
>>getting people using Velocity (i.e. migrating away from 
>>JSPs), and pointing out that it's a hell of lot easier to 
>>hack around with it if necessary.
> Ok, I'm with you there... but the way I read the article, it came off
> differently... sounded more like, "I migrated, expecting it to be easy...
> but instead had to muck around with all sorts of internal stuff just to get
> it to do what I already had in JSP."

Which wasn't the impression I wanted to give at all.  Was more hoping it 
came across as the migration was hellaciously easy -because- I could 
hack around with the internal stuff and do it the way I wanted (and not 
forced to do it the <insert-your-favourite-swear-word-here>-awful 
JSP/JSTL way).

Anyway, thanks for the response.  Hope I eventually see it on the 
Velocity site (even with your disclaimer). But I won't hold my breath... ;-)

Kind regards

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