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From "Jason Briggs" <>
Subject RE: another velocity article
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 03:33:56 GMT
Just came across this, so my apologies for a late reply.  I wrote that article, so I think
I can answer your question...

The reason I wrote my own #exit was that #stop does not work the same way that a java-coded
"return" works in a JSP.  I checked out this mailing list and Geir Magnusson had provided
a work around (ages ago) for the exact same problem (someone else had obviously encountered).
 So I followed his example.  Perhaps the way #stop works has changed in later versions...?
 Or perhaps I came across some strangeness with our environment -- I don't know.  At least
from the point of view of my own migration from JSP to Velocity, it was a necessary addition.

In reply to your other message regarding creation of new directives, it seemed to me (in writing
it) that anyone -migrating- from JSPs would be hard pressed to convince management if it involved
a huge amount of recoding templates.  That was the point of view of my approach -- to basically
mimic a JSP in Velocity without a huge amount of rework.  The creation of directives to format
dates and numbers was mainly so I could  write the simplest sed script possible to reformat
my JSPs as VMs (i.e. complete and utter laziness... ;-)

Kind regards

Tim Colson ( wrote:
> it seems he even wrote his own version of an existing 
> directive!
> "... and a simple directive to halt the rendering of a 
> template "
> umm... wasn't #stop enough?  What does his own #exit do that
> #stop doesn't?

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