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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: Velocimacro argument (by-name) passing
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 05:41:27 GMT
Gonzalo Diethelm said:
> > FWIW: I use Tiles (with velocity and struts, though neither
> > is required) to handle this type of problem. Structure is
> > defined in the Tiles layout definitions, and content is put
> > into the Tiles (or  request) context.
> Is there a Tiles tool for Velocity?

yes. (as Matthew already said :)

> Or does Tiles support Velocity out of the box?


> Can you NOT use JSP at all with Tiles?

yes.  and with the TilesTool, you can even freely mix and match velocity and
jsp tiles in the same page.

> That is, is it possible to write Tiles ONLY using Velocity code?

yes.  (well, you'll have to throw in a little XML too ;-)

> I ask because the Tiles site, at
> only mentions Struts, but you said "neither [velocity or struts] is
> required".

actually, i haven't heard of someone using Tiles+Velocity without using
Struts.  the TilesTool written for VelocityStruts uses a lot of
org.apache.struts.tiles.* classes.  if someone out there is using
Tiles+Velocity without Struts, i'd be curious to hear about it.

> How would you compare Tiles with VelocityLayoutServlet?

more complex and more flexible.  and you should be able to use them together
if you want.  not that you'd necessarily need to...

other people might be able to give you a better comparison.  i've only played
around with and tested the TilesTool.  i haven't used it much.

Nathan Bubna

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