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From "Matthew Van Horn" <>
Subject RE: Velocimacro argument (by-name) passing
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 10:01:25 GMT

> only mentions Struts, but you said "neither [velocity or struts] is 
> required".

actually, i haven't heard of someone using Tiles+Velocity without using
Struts.  the TilesTool written for VelocityStruts uses a lot of
org.apache.struts.tiles.* classes.  if someone out there is using 
Tiles+Velocity without Struts, i'd be curious to hear about it.

I haven't heard of anyone either, but:
    Tiles can be used outside of Struts
    Tiles can be used with velocity
Therefore I made the dangerous inference that
   Tiles can be used with velocity outside of Struts

> How would you compare Tiles with VelocityLayoutServlet?

other people might be able to give you a better comparison.  i've only
played around with and tested the TilesTool.  i haven't used it much.

I can't really compare, as I was using Tiles with JSP before switching
to Velocity, and I never really used the VelocityLayoutServlet, but I am
using the Tiles/Velocity combination for a substantial app, and I like
it quite a bit.

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