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From "Anthony E. Carlos" <>
Subject Final verdict on removing reference to RuntimeSingleton
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 04:13:22 GMT
Hello all,

I followed the thread, "Need to remove reference to the 
RuntimeSingleton" because my web app is not releasing memory when I 
reload.  Here is my setup:

and of course, velocity-1.4.

I used JProfiler and found that 
org.apache.velocity.runtime.RuntimeSingleton is the garbage collector 
root of a whole bunch of objects that are not collected when I reload a 
context in Tomcat (using the manager web app).

My question, then, is this: was it finally decided that Tomcat is 
responsible for the memory leak? (I'm using version 5 and the thread 
below was on Tomcat 4-- you'd think that it would be solved by now). 
What's the final verdict on this? Better yet, what can I do to prevent 
the memory leak? Am I supposed to add some code to my Struts Actions to 
uninitialize Velocity? (That doesn't make sense since 
VelocityViewServlet is what's creating my response page-- how can I 
uninitialize it before it's done it's job?).

Does anyone know of any articles that teach someone how to write a web 
app that releases all its memory when it's reloaded?


-Anthony Carlos

On 2/18/02 3:35 PM, "Jim Rudnicki" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > How about adding a method
 > Velocity.uninit()
 > All well behaved users of init() would call this when the engine was 
 > longer used.  Count calls to init() and only destroy the engine 
 > when the count goes back to zero -- reference counted singleton.  
 > call init() in their init() and uninit() in their destroy().
 > This should allow the servlet container to unload the servlet and the
 > Velocity engine will be safely destroyed when it can.
 > Yeh this is somewhat trying to do what the GC should do for us, but 
it also
 > gives explicit control of the life cycle of the engine for those who
 > need/desire.

Thomas searched deeper into the tomcat code, and appears to have found 
problem - he posted to tomcat-dev with his suggestion, and Remy seems to
agree with him.

Thanks so much to Thomas for the excellent detective work....

So we'll assume that indeed this is tomcat, and won't worry about it in

Geir Magnusson Jr.                                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
System and Software Consulting
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