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From "Manish" <>
Subject Re: Conditional display - Approach question
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:49:50 GMT
> > What should be the best approach in this case, it's not just about
> > this done somehow.
> > I'd highly appreciate any inputs here.
> First, I'd ask myself, "What business does the unavailable books have
> in booklist in the first place?".  If there is a darn good reason, I'd
> choose (1).  Otherwise, (2) is my choice.
> As for the many programmers, ask them, "Would you like to fix 100
> classes now, or 200 classes later?".  Postponing good design decisions
> increases the pressure upon the team.  Of course, it looks like you
> have the tests, so it wouldn't be so much pressure (IF they are
> automated).

Thanks for your inputs Shinobu,
I have indeed used approach (2) with some smart refactoring. My main concern
was the fact that every action now would require to go through this routine.
But the code I have rewritten now isolates this functionality and as long as
other actions use this module, they're safe. :)

The tests are automated indeed.

- Manish

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