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From "Jochen Toppe" <>
Subject Re: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 21:18:46 GMT
Resin used to be faster than Tomcat 3.x, but with TC 5.0? I somehow doubt
it is that much faster anymore, but I haven't seen any numbers lately.

As to the high traffic site. Soon, I'm working on it, 600 million PI/month
enough? OK, it won't solely be velocity based, just to allow the customer
to exchange little snippets inside the portal framework using their own
templates. I am however fortunate enough to use a CMS system with
excellent caching and not to have to generate fully personalized pages.

Load tests are pending in our project, I do expect a degradation in
performance, that is obvious. Velocity just isn't compiled code. I don't
expect it to be a problem though, there is that cache :)

As far as caching is concerned, one can always look into using a caching
framework like oscache ( on top of everything. Velocity
itself just caches the parsed AST trees (which is good, I would hate to
have to reparse the templates all the time). That and good design are
probably all you need.


> On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 02:31, titanium metal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am evaluating if we can use Velocity for a high traffic site, which
>> during mon-wed can get around 10 million users.
>> It would be a hosted solution and for EACH CLINET the site will have
>> its own customization. The number of client will be around 200 and the
>> combined user(for all the clients) accessing the application during the
>> weekdays would be 15 million. There will be around 80 pages in the
>> application and for 200 clients we might have to create 80 * 200
>> templates (approx).
>> We are looking at struts, velocity on jboss as one of the option.
> JBoss I believe uses Tomcat as an engine. Resin may be faster - although
> I
> havn't seen any recent performance comparisions. Tomcat used to be the
> slower of the bunch.
>> 1) Is there any site which works on the above combination and high
>> traffic scenario using web macro ? Are there any performance statistics
>> available ?
> I can't see any studies comparing various technology to each other.
>> 2) Can you point me to the caching options in Velocity?
> One solution I wrote previously creates static pages using Velocity.
> Obviously
> this isn't dynamic - its just a system to be able to author content. In
> terms of Velocity caching the templates the OS usually caches commonly
> used files anyhow.
>> 3) From your perspective, how does velocity compare to webmacro and
>> cocoon ?
> I havn't performed direct comparisions in terms of performance, however
> we changed from WebMacro about two years ago due to certain features being
>  available in Velocity. We can now deliver custom PDF's, and OpenOffice
> documents using Velocity. Its fast and you can replace them at runtime
> without issue - where its not so easy with JSP in practise.
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