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From "John Reynolds">
Subject Re: A link
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 17:13:20 GMT
>> Hopefully someone knows the velocity equivalent of this
> filter=false is to Struts as $user.comments is to Velocity
> filter=true is to Struts as $esc.html($user.comments) is to Velocity

That's an interesting distinction to make. So, struts-bean taglib by
default escapes the string and just reproduces the string contents. By
default, velocity *doesn't* escape the string and allows the string to be
parsed by the html-parser. interesting. i like velocity's default better.
that's 1/2 the reason why i'm on this list now =) for content-management
systems, it's more common to have html string objects formatted within a
page that you *would* want parsed, so i like how velocity takes
the "majority rules" approach for the default.


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