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From "Jochen Toppe" <>
Subject RE: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:13:57 GMT
Ok, let me clarify: Velocity TEMPLATES aren't compiled code, neither are
they bytecode that gets JIT-compiled or anything ;) Meaning take a JSP
which gets translated and lateron compiled and compare to a veloc
template. I assume the JSP is faster (not taking any container magic into

Always so picky ;) It's after midnight!


> not sure what " Velocity just isn't compiled code. " means.
> Do you mean serverside java app isn't compiled code, unlike cgi sites
> that use compiled c/c++ ?
> velocity itself is as compiled as everything else running in the jvm
> (class
> files are the result of a compilation).
> So that leaves the templates.  And you already know the AST is cached.
> Templates are parsed (not compiled), and only parsed once.  And anecdotal
> evidence suggests that Velocity templates whip JSP in the speed department
>  (even "pre-compiled" JSP's).
> Or did you mean "Velocity isn't just compiled code." ?  Cause in that
> case, I refer you back to the anecdotal evidence that cached AST whips
> compiled code (if that compiled code is your typical JSP).
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>> From: Jochen Toppe []
>> Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 4:19 PM
>> To: Velocity Users List
>> Subject: Re: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
>> Resin used to be faster than Tomcat 3.x, but with TC 5.0? I
>> somehow doubt it is that much faster anymore, but I haven't seen any
>> numbers lately.
>> As to the high traffic site. Soon, I'm working on it, 600
>> million PI/month enough? OK, it won't solely be velocity based, just to
>> allow the customer to exchange little snippets inside the portal
>> framework using their own templates. I am however fortunate enough to
>> use a CMS system with excellent caching and not to have to generate
>> fully personalized pages.
>> Load tests are pending in our project, I do expect a
>> degradation in performance, that is obvious. Velocity just isn't compiled
>> code. I don't expect it to be a problem though, there is that cache :)
>> As far as caching is concerned, one can always look into
>> using a caching framework like oscache ( on top of
>> everything. Velocity itself just caches the parsed AST trees (which is
>> good, I would hate to have to reparse the templates all the time). That
>> and good design are probably all you need.
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