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From "Jochen Toppe" <>
Subject RE: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 07:09:01 GMT
Interesting. I will have definite figures in my hand in a few weeks :)
I'll post them.


> In my experience, your assumption is wrong.  I think I've spilled this to
>  the list before... I once had a small app that I wrote using exclusive
> servlets/velocity.  Then I realized I'd created a small app that only *I*
>  could maintain because no one else knew/loved velocity like I did. I
> also needed to start adding graphs to my app, and I went the easy
> cewolf/jfreechart route (which requires jsp/taglibs).
> Anyways... even on the pages without taglibs (to satisfy those that say
> "it's the taglibs"), I found that when I re-wrote my pages as JSP, the
> pages were (anecdotally, and completely unofficially with no stats to back
> it up).. at least 2-3x slower.
> Maybe it was a container issue. maybe the vm could be tweaked. But
> regardless, the same app with Velocity as the view layer beat the pants
> off the same app with JSP as the view layer (all other things remained
> equal, like same server/vm/tomcat version).
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>> From: Jochen Toppe []
>> Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 5:14 PM
>> To: Velocity Users List
>> Subject: RE: High Traffic Scenario for Velocity
>> Ok, let me clarify: Velocity TEMPLATES aren't compiled code,
>> neither are they bytecode that gets JIT-compiled or anything ;) Meaning
>> take a JSP which gets translated and lateron compiled and compare to a
>> veloc template. I assume the JSP is faster (not taking any container
>> magic into account)
>> Always so picky ;) It's after midnight!
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